Latest Alliances

October 2004 Check here for an October 1st Announcement
September 2004 Co-marketing Agreement signed with Atrion Communications, Inc.
June 2004 Successful Technology acquires stake in New Castle Associates Group, Inc. an organizational development company.
May 2004 Alliance to develop Sarbannes-Oxley Solutions with Orion Systems Integrators, Inc.
May 2004 Successful Technology acquires assets of Internet Resources Corporation

New Innovations
Our Aligned Revenue Model is our way of putting skin in the game, and taking some of the risks off the table for you. We have confidence in the experience of our Executive Consultants, and our ability to deliver on your business goals. Consequently, we define our follow-on engagements such that our revenues are tied directly to your business goals. If you succeed, we succeed. It's that simple.

A Proven Methodology
We call it BizInTechration - a proven approach that clearly articulates and provides management reports on efforts to incorporate the INtegration of TECHnology to achieve your BIZness goals. For more details click here.

Quality Control
As a control for our Aligned Revenue Model, our billing systems will not generate invoices for any services that have not been approved through our Six Sigma quality assurance processes, which are built into our BizInTechration methodology. We extend these processes to all Successful Technology affiliates and partners, thereby assuring that our quality is properly represented in all of our service offerings.