Proven Methodology
Our Executive Consultants and staff use our BizInTechgration process, which has been developed over the last 15 years. It has been used in variety of fast-paced, high-priority projects supporting business imperative projects in a multitude of industries.

Bridges Communications Gap
The BizInTechration methodology makes extensive use of simple diagrams, proven information systems architectures, and tested meta models to make it easy for non-technical users to understand and modify. These same models deliver complete details that are required for the implementation of technical solutions.

Between Business Concepts & Requirements
BizInTechration provides for the clear definition and documentation of business concepts - using the business owner's own words.

Examples of Business conepts include:

  • Strategy
  • Organization Chart
  • Revenue Growth
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market Share
  • Inventory
  • and many others

The process, which is supported by easy-to-use tools, helps to articulate concepts, relations, dependencies, and results using plain english attached to simple box-and-line diagrams. The modeling and diagramming process lays the foundation for what the IT department will automatically recognize as deliverable business requirements.

And Technology Strategy & Implementation
The business concepts, which are often maintained and owned by the business owner, are kept in a repository for use by business representatives and technology providers. The simple box diagrams are representations of objects in an Information System Model, which provides for complete UML presentation. The model understands IT concepts such as Server, Network, Service, Backup, etc. These IT concepts and underlying business objects can be used to integrate with additional technology development and support tools through the use of industry standard interfaces. So, as a possibility, a completely filled out model could generate Java code, for example.

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